Sunday, December 23, 2012

Microsoft Surface: slow to render web pages?

I'm typing this post from a Microsoft Surface device. I've had for 10 days now and although I don't plan to do a full review here, one thing called my attention since I got it: it seems to take longer to render web pages than my desktop computer.

Today I did a non-scientific experiment. Both Surface and my Windows 8 desktop, connected to the same wifi network, loading the same pages (e.g., Google Plus,, Facebook), in same browser (IE 10 Metro on Surface, IE10 Desktop on Desktop computer).

On first load, the difference between my desktop and Surface is quite noticeable (sometimes Surface takes seconds for a page that is loaded much more quickly on the desktop). After cached, the difference is not so noticeable. As I was first blogging from my desktop, and then moved the Surface, I could notice and I'm afraid other users will notice as well.

Anyone else noticing this difference or is it just me?
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