Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life's work

I read this article "What Do I Want To Do When I Grow Up?" Is The Wrong Question To Ask and thought with myself "history of life". This is one of the paragraphs that I could relate very much to:
My unconventional career path took me to five major national and international cities. I stayed at jobs for as long as 18 months and as short as one month. I sold all of my belongings and moved cross-country because my intuition told me to. I worked with more than 15 different startups in one year of living in New York City. I started a blog to document my journey--both the learning and the mistakes. I started a website to document the stories of people boldly pursuing their life's work. I messed up two startups. I accidentally turned insomnia into a global movement. I met with tarot card readers, talked strategy with multimillion-dollar entrepreneurs, and helped a best-selling author launch a publishing company, all to see if I could answer the question I'd been wondering about since I was 5: What do I want to do when I grow up?
And on the same note, this is another great post on "life's work": 8 Signs You've Found Your Life's Work

This part is particularly interesting and I believe it's one of the most noticeable signs that you found your life's work:
The people who matter notice.
"You look vibrant!" and "I've never seen you so healthy and happy!" and "This is without question what you're meant to be doing!" are among the comments you may hear from the people closest to you when you're on the right path.
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