Monday, August 06, 2012

MSTest: Unable to start the agent process

When running mstest, I started getting the error:

Failed to queue test run: Unable to start the agent process

There are many reasons to this problem, as one can find on the web. Typically the problem is that a previous process related to MSTest is running and holding some references.

But, as you may guess, this wasn't my case.

MSTest, when it executes, writes a log files called VSTTAgentProcess.log in the same directory as the .exe. I had checked in this .log file, what made it set as read-only. Next time MSTest runs, though, it exits with the error above if unable to write to the log file.

  • If you re having the error above, make sure that you can write to the directory where the .exe is located.
  • If the .log already exists, make sure the file is writable
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