Saturday, December 03, 2011

Visual Studio add-ins for pasting XML

I compiled and installed a couple of Visual Studio add-ins that I thought quite useful for those dealing with XML, in particular pasting them into VS.

SmartPaster 2010
Allow you to past XML as comments, strings, and as StringBuilder – escaping the text as necessary!

          In my case, I had to paste a long XML from my API document and did not want to escape everything.
          This is the source site:
o   Binary version did not load in Visual Studio 2010 64-bit (exception was thrown), so I recompiled it and it worked just fine.

Paste XML  as Type
         This add-in is really cool for REST APIs. You copy a XML (like from our MSDN documentation) and it paste it as a serializable type. All classes are automatically generated.

          It was included in Microsoft WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2:
o   It doesn’t have a binary version, so I compiled this add-in and made it available too
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