Monday, June 30, 2008

Google Docs and broken page layout

See the bug below. A document with a horizontal page is not supported by Google Docs page layout.

GOOG->MSFT Exodus?

This article tells a bit about the experience of people that worked at Google. One comment is particularly interesting to me:

2) Google employ everybody as junior developer, ignoring the existing experience. It is nice to work in Google if it is your first job, really nice, but if you have 12 years of experience with lots of languages, technologies and platforms, at lots of senior positions, you should expect higher position in Google, right?

And this give us an impression that MSFT is better. I disagree. And, although I won't tell about any particular experience that I've been through or have seen, trust me that this is something that happens to MSFT as well. I've been down this road myself. Maybe more with some groups than others, but it happens. The reason is always the same: you experience is irrelevant to our company and we do lots of things that are very specific and require experience with these tools, processes, etc, to be more productive. After 8 months working at MSFT, I agree to some extent, but definitely this is not a valid point in its entirety.

There are a couple of things one should think before joining company that does not value previous experience for the reason that everything is so specific to the company. First, it is how the experience with this company may be valued outside of it and, second, if you are not getting more and more stuck with this company as time goes by, as no one else will pay what you will get there after sometime and some salary raises.

In spite of all that, and far from saying that MSFT is perfect, but definitely it is one of the most organized companies I worked for and I got the chance to know. Probably more than GOOG given the age of both companies.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Losing your Photoshop Elements catalog twice with Carbonite

Sometime ago I posted an entry about my experience with Photoshop Elements. First, I really like Adobe Photoshop Elements, but I lost my Photos catalog for the second time in less than an year and it is really painful to have to recreate your catalog all over again for over 4,000 photos. The first time, I didn't recover the catalog when recovering from my Carbonite backup when I bought a new laptop. This time, Vista issues after trying to convert a video made me reinstall the computer and although I manually backed up my C:\Users directory before reinstalling, guess what? The catalog was gone again. I thought: well, Carbonite must have it backed up. But no, it does not back up the location where Adobe stores the Photoshop Elements catalog: C:\ProgramData. The option is not even displayed in the context menu. Is there any hope this issue will be fixed in Carbonite later versions?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Is Google making us Stupid?

This is a fantastic article about how internet is changing the way we read and think.