Monday, May 05, 2008

Seattle: "[...] He knew what it meant to be lonely."

Read this Seattle Times' article about the Seattle Freeze, the fear of intimacy of people that live in this area. I wonder if the same happens in other areas in the US or in other countries (especially in Europe) to the same extent as here.

We ride bikes alone; go on walks alone; troll bookstores alone, then go home and read alone.

On the one hand, it's nice to bop in and out of situations knowing people will smile and treat you well. Nice is like bubble gum — it's sugary and pleasant." But if all you ever get is nice, never flirty or risky, she says, that gum loses its flavor pretty quick, and the human experience becomes ultimately less rewarding. Even depressing.

Since arriving from Argentina, he's turned down the volume on his laugh, no longer reaches out to hug friends and has even stopped wearing his favorite loud red pants. Those first lonely years in the Northwest even gave him a bit of a taste for solitude.

[...] [S]he realized that when Seattleites say, "Let's do something sometime," what they really mean is: "Let's never do anything ever."
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