Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Do we all hate our jobs?"

On Safari site I ran into a book name "Four Secrets to Liking Your Work" and decided to read the first pages. I found some interesting paragraphs right on the first page:

Do we all hate our jobs?

Picture a room filled with ten of your coworkers. Odds are that seven of them don't like what they do. Do you know which ones? Are you one of them?

It gets worse. Research suggests that one of those seven coworkers might be actively working at cross purposes to undermine your company. This means that if you are trying to be productive, he or she is working against you, too!

Why bother working at all? We like to believe that it's all about money. We see people endure dread, dissatisfaction, and misery in the name of the paycheck, but Herzberg and Maslow agree that once our monetary needs are met, it ceases to motivate us. And even if we do need the money, it's no substitute for engaging, enjoyable, productive work. Money can't buy back lost time.
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