Monday, March 10, 2008

More about Carbonite: application installation

Dave Friend, Carbonite CEO, posted a comment on my previous post about Carbonite. It was very nice of him and, as I mentioned in another comment on that post, shows respect for the user and that they are striving to make Carbonite a great backup solution.

These issues with Carbonite, including the one mentioned by an anonymous user, reminded me of a major issue I had a few months ago but that I think I never written about. It all started when I tried to install Office 2007 and everytime it failed. Yes, from its original DVD media. It always complained about not being able to write or read from C:\Config.Msi directory (something like "Error writing to C:\Config.Msi"). Sometimes retrying would make it move on a bit, until the next error.

After searching on the web, I found out that Carbonite is related to this problem. I can't tell why exactly that happens or it is some sort of incompability with Windows Vista, but it is annoying. I have to remember that whenever I am installing something, I have to disable Carbonite, otherwise applications that use msi files are likely to fail. Something that the Carbonite folks should try to fix (if it hadn't got fixed in the latest February release).
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