Sunday, March 09, 2008

Carbonite not so good restore experience

Sometime ago I restored my Carbonite backup. I was sure that it had backed up all my contents and, when restoring, I had a relly bad experience. The first thing I missed was my Photoshop Elements album that, for some reason, Carbonite decided not to back up. It has a bunch of rules to decide what files to back up or not, but that is simply stupid for cases like where you want all your "My Documents" backed up. You don't want to check that all files are being backed up, because if you have a service that has unlimited storage, it should do be able to do it. Or, it should warn the user that files were not being backed up.

Today I found out something else it didn't back up: all my .jar files. Yes, really. Opening my Java project in Eclipse makes me realize that my restored project has a wiped up WEB-INF/lib folder. Fortunately I had these jars on the server where the project is deployed, otherwise I would have to spend a long time finding these jars and restoring to their locations. Well, pretty much like I had to redo all my Photoshop Elements album.

Along with inability to back up removable storage, I am considering moving to another backup service when my subscription with Carbonite expires.
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