Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Suicide rate in the US

Just listened on the radio:

- 1 suicide attempt every minute in the US
- Someone dies from suicide every 16 minutes

Really surprising, but when you check the list of all countries with their suicide rate (there is a list from World Health Organization as well), you find out that places like Lithuania or Belarus are on the top of the list. More surprising still.

On the other side, though, one can see that countries like Egypt, Iran, Honduras or Jordan have rates of 0 (yes, zero) or close to zero suicides.

The question that comes naturally to mind after a quick analysis is why, in general, do richer countries have higher suicide rates? Actually, one interesting question is what are the reasons for a person to commit suicide or even why would someone keep living, in spite of every difficulties these people go through in life?

Apparently the common cause for suicide attempt is depression, and it is skyrocketing in the last years. One organization in the US works on the prevention and treatment of depression to reduce these suicide rates. It is called Save.

Finally, out of curiosity, the suicide rates in the US are 3 times higher than the rates in Brazil.
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