Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Career Decisions...

It is Mid-Year Career Discussion time at Microsoft. And I must figure out what I would like my career to be and create plan to achieve these goals. After a career assessment, that is one of the main results I got:

Basing career decisions on what you're good at, even if you're not all that interested in it. Your interests, not your abilities, are your long-term competitive advantage -- and they're the "energy" that powers your career. If you're not really interested in the work, the people who are will ultimately pass you by.

I think that we all lean towards what we are good at, that is almost inevitable, and the long the time goes by, the trickier to do something different and take those inherent risks. And I wonder if sometimes what attracts some people (including me) is exactly an specific area or some particular aspect potentially transversal to all areas. Although not sure, the latter makes more sense to me.
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