Saturday, March 24, 2007

Italians and US Visa waiver program

Are you Italian and not sure if you need a Visa to travel to the US? Check Italian Embassy web site in the United States. It is very confusing and the same passport type may require a visa or not depending only on its issue date. For example, I have a machine-readable passaport and fortunately was issued before Oct 26, 2005, so I don't require a visa. Anyway, it is always good to print out such a page and have it with you if you are going through US immigration soon.

And, by the way, it scares me to have a biometric passport. Its security is so weak that you can clone it while it is in its delivery envelope. Check this page to know more. If you have or need to renew your passport, be sure to be careful while holding it with you.
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