Sunday, November 13, 2005

Partition Magic NTFS error 1601

For those of you who may be facing NTFS critical error 1601 when using Partition Magic, check if the filesystem ID in the partition is not set to FAT32. After I booted with Linux (and even repartioned with ntfsresize), I noticed that the filesystem type was wrong. After I changed it to ID 07 (NTFS), Partition Magic worked perfectly for the partition resize.

Concerning NTFS resize, a very good option is NTFSResize. Currently it resizes fragmented filesystems and it is very stable. The only "problem" is that you still must delete and recreate the partition with the correct size. By recreating the partition, you don't lose your data, only the partition table is changed. This is a work that we are not willing to do, that is why an application like Partition Magic or QTParted is very suitable for these needs.

A good option for this sort of operation is RIP (Recovery is Possible). It is a 26Mb CD image that has most of the tools you will need to recover your system. Knoppix is also a good option, but sometimes it is too much (650Mb CD) for you that only need to edit your partition table or do something similar. (In particular when you want to do it faster).
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