Saturday, March 26, 2005

Using subclipse in Linux?

I made a mistake of installing Subclipse plug-in for Eclipse (in order to use a Subversion repository), but didn't install the JavaHL native bindings for Linux (only Windows ones are provided in Subclipse package) or the java bindings JavaSVN. After noticing that it would require a subversion compilation to have the JavaHL bindings, I decided to install the JavaSVN bindings, which is a plugin for Eclipse. Now Subclipse works perfectly and I no longer get the error messages when doing some operations such as when committing!

Unfortunately there is no Debian package for JavaHL yet. I sent Subversion debian package maintainer an email about it and I hope we may have this native binding available for Linux really soon. Until then, don't forget this tip: install JavaSVN or compile your JavaHL bindings.
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