Friday, March 25, 2005

Finalmente Adobe Reader 7 para Linux

Finalmente temos para Linux um Adobe Reader mais novo. Até então só tinhamos a versão 5 e as demais versões livres funcionavam bem, mas certamente não tão bem quanto o próprio leitor da Adobe. Veja a notícia que saiu no Slashdot a respeito aqui:

Adobe Reader 7.0 Coming to Linux

Sometimes_Rational writes "There is now one less thing for Windows and Mac users to point to when claiming desktop usability superiority. While not officially listed in Adobe's download page, you can get Adobe Reader 7.0 for Linux from the company's FTP server according to this article at The Inquirer , which also has a review. The upshot is that Reader 7.0 for Linux is as bloated as its Windows and Mac siblings, but it loads much faster and is more useable than version 5. I imagine that this will get loads of comments about how Reader for Linux headed downhill after version 4. Or was it 3?"

Se estiver a fim de experimentá-lo, baixe os 40Mb do leitor no ftp da Adobe.
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