Sunday, February 13, 2005

Firefox: an idea for a privacy extension

[Escrevo em inglês, pois pode motivar alguém a escrever essa extensão]

I was just wondering if there is a Firefox extension to add special privacy features to handle private bookmarks and special URLs that you don't want to be added to history. I decided to write down these ideas (before they vanish from my memory) to motivate someone to do it (maybe myself). I would also be very happy to know if someone already though or done similar things.

Private Bookmarks

Let's say you have bookmarks to be on your list, but you would like to make sure these bookmarks are not seen by other people that eventually use your computer (or user). It would be very interesting to encrypt these private bookmarks and required a password prior to displaying them in the bookmarks menu (and probably add also a timeout option to hide these bookmarks after sometime without using the bookmarks menu - well, maybe this is not supported by Firefox extension framework since it requires the framework to support this sort of information).

URLs ignored by Firefox (no tracking whatosever, like history, autocompletion list, etc)

Another idea is that you may have some particular links that you don't want to be added to the history nor to any other browser list (such as autocompletion one). They are private URLs and you don't want to have any trace of it in the system (ok, proxy servers will know that you visited, but I am discussing a ligther privacy, in the browser level). Maybe an icon in the location bar for this feature would be very nice, but also rules of URL that must be automatically ignored could also be part of such an extension (assuming there is no such extension).

Writing Extensions for Firefox

I found some interesting links to find out how to write an extension for Firefox:

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